Blue world city Islamabad is an upcoming housing society located on the Main Chakri Road alongside the Lahore – Islamabad M2. The housing society is set to become a marvel of twin cities by integrating all civic amenities of international standards complete with life-size replicas of global icons such as Burj Al Arab etc. The society is being developed in close proximity to the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and also lies close to the new Islamabad International Airport. The BWC’s location makes it ultra-unique in terms of access to the twin cities as well as the whole of Pakistan. The BWC is also at an advantageous location because its juxtaposition to the proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road is the nearest compared to all other upcoming housing societies being developed in the area. The 4 unique accesses to BWC has made it a real estate investor’s hotspot in Islamabad. The future holds the immense potential of fantastic returns on investments in this housing society because of its central location and state of the art infrastructure development.

Blue World City Location & Map

When it comes to investing in real estate, location is the most important aspect. Veteran real estate investors always give preference to location and want to put their money where they know the location is going to help yield a profitable return on their investment. BWC is located at the helm of 4 major megaprojects of the twin cities. The BWC is located on the main Chakri road in MozaSihal. Apart from main access from Chakri Road, the BWC is located at the edge of Lahore – Islamabad Motorway enjoying close proximity to the CPEC route, New Islamabad International Airport, and the Chakri Interchange. The developers of BWC are set to develop this project on more than 60000 Kanals which has enough room to create access from all major roads of Rawalpindi and Islamabad in the future. The Blue world city location and map are readily available and you can download the BWC Map by clicking here. Also, BWC is the only housing society in the region that enjoys close proximity to the proposed upcoming Rawalpindi Ring Road. The Rawalpindi Ring Road is a 66-KM long project that will connect GT road at Rawat to Sangjani Toll Plaza and New Islamabad Motorway. The Rawalpindi Development Authority also has plans of multiple special economic zones along the Rawalpindi Ring Road. This means that after the completion of Rawalpindi Ring Road, Blue World City Islamabad will be one of the only societies that will be the nearest to be able to make an interchange from it. Apart from major accesses, the BWC is located near to Capital Smart City, Qurtaba Township, and Eighteen Islamabad, etc. Blue world City map and location are indicative of the fact that this will be one of the largest housing societies in Islamabad. The central location of BWC in the suburbs of Islamabad and Rawalpindi makes it society that is ideal for future real estate investment. Currently, the urban centers of Islamabad and Rawalpindi are running out of space due to the major population influx during the past couple of decades. Around 70% of Rawalpindi’s urban population does not have access to major civic amenities such as proper sanitation and clean drinking water. The future belongs to the area around the new Islamabad motorway as both the metropolitans are growing. Some of the important locations near the BWC include: • New Islamabad International Airport • M2 Motorway Lahore- Islamabad • Kashmir Highway • Model Chakri Motorway Interchange • Green Oaks Farms • New Rawalpindi Ring Road The future undoubtedly belongs to Blue World City Islamabad. The society is uniquely designed to have a connection with all the major megaprojects of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. This has made it an investment hotspot for real estate investors from Pakistan and for those Pakistanis who live abroad. Apart from all the best features that BWC has, it is pertinent to mention that the prices of BWC are the most affordable and within a common man’s reach. Unlike hyper-inflated prices of housing societies existing around BWC, the prices start as low 15, 40,000 for a 7 Marla plot located in the premium overseas block of Blue World City Islamabad.

Blue World City Installment & Payment Plan

BWC is one of the only housing society of Islamabad that offers bookings from as low as 10% down payment. The Blue World City Installment plan has been designed to help investors easily pay for their plots in the housing society. The installment plan has been divided into 40 monthly and 8 half quarterly installments. The Blue World City payment plans and installment plans are provided below.

Blue world City Booking Process

BWC is a top real estate project in Islamabad with a total land comprising of 1 Lac Kanal. Recently, the housing society has added 10,000 Kanal Land into its overall scope of development. However, the types of plots in BWC can be divided into General Block, Overseas Block, Executive Block, and Awami Residential Complex. Both commercial and residential BWC property types are available in different plot sizes. In the General Block, following Plots for Sale in BWC are available • 5 Marla Plots • 8 Marla Plots • 10 Marla Plots • 1 Kanal Plots • 2 Kanal Plots In the Overseas Block, Blue World residential plots are divided into the following: • 7 Marla Plots • 10 Marla Plots • 1 Kanal Plots • 2 Kanal Plots With the passing of CPEC routes besides the housing projects, commercial plots are expected to exponentially increase in value. BWC commercial plots are divided into the following: • 5 Marla Commercial Plots • 8 Marla Commercial Plots To book a plot for sale in Blue World City Islamabad, the following procedure is implemented: 1. Meet your Pak Asia Marketing Asset Management consultant to get all the information regarding investing, location, and ROI yield details. 2. Once you are satisfied with the process, provide your Pak Asia Marketing Asset Manager with the following • In case you are a local Pakistani citizen, then you will need to provide • Two Passport size photos, a copy of your national ID Card, a copy of your Next of Kin ID Card and a pay order/cheque in favor or Blue Group of Companies In case you are an overseas Pakistanis, then the booking requirements remain the same. However, instead of your ID card, you will need to provide NICOP. All other procedures remain the same.

Blue World City Overseas Block

BWC is a unique real estate project that is based on the basic theme of Pak – China friendship. This housing society is only such venture in the twin cities – and so far in Pakistan – that has a dedicated sector for Chinese nationals who are set to make Pakistan their second home as the progress on CPEC and people to people contact enhances. There is no other housing society except for BWC – now – that is offering any such amenity for our Chinese guests. This factor alone has boosted the investment prospects of the housing society and the real estate segments of the twin cities are positive of the prospects and forecast positive ROIs for the investments made. Apart from accommodating Chinese nationals, a Blue World City Overseas Block is being specifically developed for overseas Pakistanis. This block enjoys all perks of a premium gated community and is being specifically designed to cater to all the needs of overseas Pakistanis looking to invest and later build their home once they repatriate to Pakistan. For more details on investing in the overseas block, you can consult one Pak Asia Marketing real estate specialists to provide you with more details.

Free Consultation

BWC is being jointly developed by the consortium of Blue Group of Companies with Chinese civic infrastructure developers. The whole concept of the BWC is to project a prospering positive image of Pakistan by making the housing society a tourism destination. It is only in the BWC that you will be able to find replicas of Life Size global icons of world-renowned architectural marvels such as Turkey’s magnificent blue mosque. Due to numerous positive points of BWC Islamabad, society is attracting real estate investors from Pakistan and Pakistanis living overseas. To cater to the needs of overseas Pakistanis, BWC has a dedicated overseas block meant for the overseas Pakistanis only. The overseas Pakistanis will enjoy a full gated community complete with 24/7 availability of all civic amenities of international standards that include state of the art parks, worship areas as well as round the clock surveillance and security. Pak Asia Marketing Pvt Ltd is a platinum partner of BWC Islamabad. We offer Free Real Estate Consultations to locals and Pakistanis who are abroad to make minimum risk – high yield real estate investments. For more details, you can set up your free consultation by calling + 92 331 111 0258

Water, Gas & Electricity

Developed at a rapid pace, the Blue City Islamabad has worked tirelessly to ensure 24/7 availability of adequate resources such as Water, Gas, and Electricity for the residents. Moreover, underground electricity lines have been installed to provide a consistent supply of energy to the residents.

Schools Hospitals & Police Stations

Schools, Police Stations, and Medical facilities have been abundantly included in the BWC Master Plan. Located near main Islamabad City, the project has all the necessary facilities available to the residents inside the society including a 40-bed Hospital facility of international standards.

BWC Commercial Hub

BWC presents a brilliant opportunity for massive profits. As the CPEC routes are in close proximity, it has the potential to transform into the next commercial hub of the country. It is an opportunity to enjoy the interaction with different communities like Chinese and overseas Pakistanis.

Biggest Water Theme Park

Water Parks are known for their vivacious jubilancy and extreme excitement. BWC is changing the tradition and building Pakistan’s biggest theme park compliant to international standards. It will include multiple features promising visitors and residents with a time of their life.

24/7 Security and Surveillance

With an advanced 24/7 Security and Surveillance system, this society is one of the most safe and secure housing societies in the country. The security staff employed for the protection of residents include trained and experienced professionals ensuring that all security standards are met.

Wide Roads & Public Transport

BWC Chakri Road plans to provide a network of roads and an internal transportation system to ensure maximum convenience for its residents. The main boulevard is 120 feet wide. All the streets of the town are 40ft, and roads are 80-100 feet. There will be separate pathways for pedestrians and cyclists.

Mosques & Islamic Architecture

Jamia Mosques have been built throughout the society to represent a symbol of Muslim unity. Moreover, Islamic Architecture has also been keenly promoted with the construction of Istanbul’s Blue Mosque Replica. This project serves as a symbol of our Islamic Values and the Glorious Ottoman Empire.

Parks Sports & Cultural Complex

BWC includes beautiful parks, sports facilities, and a cultural complex. Environment-friendly Parks such as Oxygen Park will provide a natural place for physical training and outdoor activities. Sports and Cultural Complex will promote cultural harmony and diversity, given that Chinese would also be residents of the city.

Entertainment & Adventure

With prolific entertainment opportunities, the BWC will introduce 3D I-max cinemas. The Adventure Club would double up the thrill with activities such as horse-riding, hiking, and paragliding etc. A Safari Zoo is also being planned with a multitude of exotic Safari Animals from all around the world.

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