ICHS Town Islamabad Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society, ICHS is a fine gemstone, one that exists solely for the needs of the individuals having low incomes or have a limited budget. During high-profile housing societies, the clients have ICHS Town to count on because of the extremely affordable residences. Developers It was established in 1989 and is managed by the Islamabad Cooperative Housing Scheme. A group of government officials took the initiative, so it is a semi-government project launched for the provision of a standard and comfortable lifestyle for moderate-income households. ICHS Town Location ICHS Town is located near Tarnol and Fateh Jang, and is just at a 5-minutes’ drive from the New Islamabad International Airport. It is also at a 30 minutes’ drive from the Zero Point Interchange in Islamabad. The main Srinagar Highway, previously known as Kashmir Highway, provides a direct access to the ICHS Town Location. It can also be reached via Kasana Dam Road and Airport Cargo Road. Achievement of NOC Document ICHS Town is approved by the Town Municipal Administration of Pakistan. The society is registered under registration number 313, with the ICT administration cooperative societies department. The following are the remaining details: • Registration No. 313, Co-operative Societies Department, ICT, Islamabad. • NOC No. 567/SL/N-I/TP/TMAF from Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA), Fateh Jang. • NOC No.6/53/Misc./D-28/2008 from Ministry of Defence, Government of Pakistan. • NOC No. HQCAA/1124/44/ATS (P/C) 2693 from Civil Aviation Authority, Headquarters, Karachi. • NOC No. DD(EIA)EPA/F-80(IEE)/0307/2009/2892 from Environmental Protection Department, Government of Punjab

ICHS Town Islamabad Master Plan

The ICHS town covers a land of 1500 Kanal. The ICHS Master Plan was initially divided into two phases. Later, it was extended to six sectors. This area is particularly reserved for residential plots. Most of the plots are of 1 Kanal and 10 Marla in size.

Following the revision of the ICHS master plan, 5 Marla and 7 Marla plots are also available now on a simple instalment plan. Separate areas have been set aside for commercial operations in different plot sizes. For investors, 4 Marla commercial plots are obtainable.

ICHS Town Islamabad Map

Society Features

 ICHS may not be as sumptuous, but it does have all of the essential amenities for a comfortable lifestyle. Residents of ICHS Town have access to the following basic services:

  • Gated City
  • Underground Power
  • Water and gas supply
  • Sewerage System
  • Carpeted Roads
  • Green Belts Along The Roads
  • Jogging And Cycling Trails
  • Miniature Golf Course
  • A main boulevard of 162 feet width.
  • Recreation clubs
  • Commercial Areas
  • Mosques
  • Hospitals
  • Educational Institutions
  • Parks

ICHS Islamabad Payment Plan

Bookings begin at PKR 50,000 as a down payment, according to the ICHS Town Price Plan. The prices of the plots started at PKR 680,000. Initially, the majority of plots were only open to those who paid in full.

Following a rethink, a limited number of plots of 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla and 1 Kanal are currently available on a 14-month instalment plan.

Payment Plan

The latest payment plan is as follows:

Important Note

  • Both corner plots and plots on Main Boulevard will be charged an extra 10% premium over the scheme’s estimated rate.
  • Residential plots are only allotted for residential purposes, and non-compliance with this definition would result in the allotment being cancelled.
  • Government and semi-government workers, Overseas Pakistanis, retired Pakistani officers, disabled, widows, and orphans shall receive special discounts from the housing society.

Plot Possession

In the first phase, the society shall grant plot possession in 6 to 10 months; however, the extension block would take longer because it is a new block, the construction work and other formalities would take time. Until handing over ownership of the plots, the housing society’s management is asking for two to three years.

Development Status

The phase 1 of the construction is nearly complete, with 50 percent of the work completed on sewerage pipes, road networks and electricity lines. But the construction work in phase 1 is extremely slow; it will take at least 2 to 3 years to complete the earthwork alone.

The rate of growth in ICHS has been sluggish in recent years, but since the opening of the New Islamabad International Airport, the society’s management has picked up the pace significantly. The increased economic development in the area because of the CPEC Route passing close to this society has opened several doors and attracted a large number of developers and investors.

The recent development in the area has resulted in higher prices in society. Water, gas, underground power, and telephone lines are all installed. The carpeted roads that link all parts of the society, as well as the state-of-the-art 160-foot-wide Main Boulevard, have been completed. The main entrance gate and the boundary wall that surrounds the housing project have also been completed.

The solar lights on the Main Boulevard have been installed to make the housing society more environmentally sustainable. The region is also equipped with a water and sewerage disposal system. As previously stated, all the construction, when combined with the amenities provided by the project and the modern infrastructure, increases the value of property for its residents at reasonable rates.


Market Trend

The market trend has shifted dramatically as a result of the rapid urban migration. The cost of living and doing business in the Twin Cities is rapidly rising. As a result, the establishment of lodging societies like ICHS is critical for the middle class consisting of the low-income citizens.

It is recognized as one of the most cost-effective housing schemes in the Capital’s vicinity. It plans to house 35 to 40 thousand people while also supplying them with modern amenities and services.

How to Book a Plot in ICHS Town Islamabad?

In order to book a plot, contact us. The documents you will need are as follows:

  • 2 copies of CNIC of applicant
  • A CNIC copy of Next of Kin or nominee
  • 2 passport size pictures
  • Booking amount can be paid in the form of a pay order, cash or a direct deposit in the company’s account.

 Why ICHS Town Islamabad?

The provision of luxurious facilities has contributed to the trend of settling into housing societies. ICHS Town stands out among the rest of the housing societies because of the ideal pricing methodology it has adopted. It provides people from all socioeconomic backgrounds with equal opportunities to live a better life.

Prime Location

One of the biggest selling points of this housing society is its unique position at the crossroads of three major cities: Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Fateh Jang. ICHS Town contains breathtaking views of the renowned Margalla Hills as it is in a favorable proximity to the capital. It’s also just a few minutes’ drive away from the CPEC route, the motorway, and the New International Islamabad Airport which has piqued the attention of its viewers.

Feasible Payment Plans

When investing money in property, one should consider the future returns on the investment. A plausible reason to put your money into ICHS Town Islamabad is that it offers a wide range of regular plot sizes and a simple payment plan for their attainment.

Plots range in size from 5 Marla to 1 Kanal and are available in both residential and commercial blocks of the society, allowing you to invest in the format that best suits you.

Modest Rates

The affordable pricing has significantly lead to an increase in attention and activity towards ICHS Town Islamabad. Investors who understood the project’s true potential and invested early in the lodging society are reaping the benefits of the increased land value and profit.

Latest Facilities

ICHS Town Islamabad does not include the lavish amenities offered by the high-profile lodging societies like Eighteen Islamabad and Park View City, yet it does have all of the basic necessities for a comfortable lifestyle, such as water, gas, electricity, shopping malls, cinemas, parks, schools and hospitals, making it an ideal place.

CPEC Route’s Bright Future Prospects

Due to its proximity to the CPEC Route, there is no doubt that this housing project has endless possibilities and prospects. Even if you do not wish to use it for residential purposes, investing in this project is a smart idea, as the commercial prospects of the ICHS Town Islamabad are exceptional.

In the coming years, the area will be transformed into a major business center, making it extremely difficult to obtain any property in the area. As a result, we strongly encourage you to invest in the society and reap the benefits of your investment for the years to come.

Natural and Tranquil Surroundings

ICHS Town Islamabad enjoys a natural setting that is free of pollution and noise. The breathtaking views of the Margalla Hills make for an excellent and interesting residential opportunity for those seeking a calm and quiet atmosphere free of the worries and stress of daily life.

Pros and Cons


Upgraded Quality of Life

At ICHS Town Islamabad, you can avail total privacy, serenity and joy away from the city life. There are many who detest the city commotion, so this lodging society is perfect for them. ICHS Town is not only endowed with natural beauty and modern facilities, but it is also located away from the noise and pollution of major cities.

Distinctive Discount Packages

The inventive minds behind this lodging society extend their doors for people of all socioeconomic backgrounds. ICHS Town Islamabad provides generous discounts to government and semi-government workers, Overseas Pakistanis, retired Pakistani officers, disabled people, widows and orphans, allowing them to afford the plots of their dreams and live a better life.

Adjacency to the Airport

Since the lodging society is at an auspicious distance from the New Islamabad International Airport, the investors have targeted it as their main goal. The dwellers will never need to worry about missing their flights or being late to pick up their dears from the airport.

Provision of All Basic Amenities

In some areas of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, the residents are irritated by the load shedding of power and gas, noise pollution, unsanitary living conditions and traffic problems. To cater their needs, ICHS Town provides a neat and clean environment filled with lush greenery and the 24/7 availability of power, gas and water as well.

Family Oriented Atmosphere

We deal with an enormous number of clients coming from diverse backgrounds, and we see that there is an element which they all ask for, a family-friendly atmosphere to raise their children. ICHS Town provides exactly that, free from the city pollution and mayhem.


A Humble Infrastructure

Surely ICHS Town would not have an infrastructure like that of Taj Resdiencia or Discovery Gardens Islamabad but it fulfils the basic needs of the citizens. So, it is still advantageous to live in this lodging society instead of the hustling bustling life of the city.



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